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The Nature Printing Society is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the education, the history and practice of the art of nature printing, and to those who support our philosophy of respect for nature through the art of the print.

Membership is open to all who share this vision.

Our printing guide, "THE ART OF PRINTING FROM NATURE: A Guidebook, 40th Anniversary Edition" is the most comprehensive book on nature printing methods we've ever published: 132 pages of techniques, instruction, artwork, and inspiration with over 400 color photographs.

Over 20 NPS members, all experts in their subjects, have provided 35 fully illustrated chapters that thoroughly cover beginning and advanced gyotaku (fish printing), botanical printing, how to work on cloth and fabric, eco-dyeing, color theory, cyanotype, mushroom spore prints — even printing spider webs!

PRINTING PROMPT!! A new activity for the NPS is called the "Printing Prompt". Members will periodically be emailed a 'prompt' of an theme for printing along with a deadline. The current prompt is 'Mixed'. As the results for 'Mixed' are received, they will be posted in the 'Mixed' gallery. Below that is our our prior prompt 'Awakenings'. We'll do other prompts in the future and create more galleries. Click here to see past printing prompts.

Nature printing is an ancient art form that takes objects in nature and, through the use of a wide variety of techniques, transfers the beauty of those objects into art. The Nature Printing Society is the largest, international organization existing solely for the purpose of promoting and encouraging nature printing. We help disseminate educational materials and support acquaintance and cooperation both among our members and with the general public. We encourage publication of articles about nature printing, demonstrations of printing, teaching of printing classes, and organization of displays, exhibits, and shows of nature printing. Membership in NPS includes our beautiful quarterly newsletter as well as an opportunity to attend our annual week-long conference held each year in a different location.

Browse our website to learn more about the history of nature printing, the work of our members, and upcoming nature printing events.

Click on the below to start the 'Awakenings' printing prompt gallery. 

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Curious about membership in the Nature Printing Society?  

Our quarterly, full color newsletter comes out in hard copy. In it we share our work, our news and our techniques, and it’s a major benefit of NPS membership. Inside you’ll also find information about our events, such as the annual, in-person NPS Workshop, and regular online Show and Tell. Along with our social media connections, members use the newsletter to keep in touch, learn from one another, and find inspiration. Click here for your sample newsletter.!

Click on the below to start the 'Mixed' printing prompt gallery. The challenge for members for 'Mixed' prompt was 'In the spirit of new beginnings, it may be fun to put your purist tendencies aside. For printers this may be taboo. For some, even blasphemy! Nevertheless, our next prompt is Modify! Cut, weave, carve, and unnaturally arrange our usual nature subjects to create prints that defy happenstance. Stray from your urge to objectively document and let your creative ingenuity take over'