LEAP - Learning from Experience As Printmakers

Learn from Experience as Printmakers with the NPS LEAP videos! Click here to view our experimental LEAP program where we post video of member nature printing demos and recordings of live zoom interviews for our NPS oral history project.

Get some of the 2022 Acadia workshop here! Our workshop on the Schoodic peninsula may have been cancelled, but many instructors have offered to teach live Zoom classes or give recorded demonstrations anyway. We are experimenting with this form and will send email with information about new classes and demos.

If you aren't an NPS member, but would like to take a class (awesome!), or would like our current schedule, contact NPS president Sue Fierston: sue.fierston@gmail.com. 

$40 LEAP Live Zoom Class -  Live Zoom class, taught by an NPS member, running 1.5 to 3 hours.

$25 LEAP Recorded Demonstration -  Recorded demo, 30 minutes to 1 hour. Demos will be posted to the LEAP Live site. The instructor will be available for email questions and possibly for a one-time Zoom Q&A with a larger group, we are working out the details now.

Membership in the Nature Printing Society is $50. If you're new to the idea of printing fish, leaves, tree stumps, flowers, rocks and spider webs by hand, you can find out more as we celebrate the art of printing from nature in our newest recorded videos beginning in Septemer, 2022.

Come Join us.